Recaulking Your Bathroom Shower Can Offer Renewal to That Old Caulk

When we are fighting those constant mildew stains in our bathroom, shower caulk
renewal and recaulking can be the ultimate answer. The caulking around your bathtub
sink and shower protects the under floor of your home by preventing water from leaking.
When caulk dries up it can peel and crack allowing water to seep onto the subfloor. This
can be a cause for major repairs and worse – mold. Why set your home up for major
expense when you can complete a bathroom shower recaulking job in a day with caulk
renewal. If you aren’t sure whether that moldy caulk need to be replaced, call Grout
Works for an in-home estimate.

Save money on costly water damage repairs by recaulking your bathroom shower and
offering renewal to that old caulk.