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Proudly serving the entire Toledo, Ohio area. Grout Works ® pioneered the industry in 1994 as a family business and has spread across the country. Each division is owned and operated by a born and bred local. Check out the national website at

Chemistry 101. PH, what it means, and what the heck does it have to do with my floors, showers, and counter tops. P.H is the balance between acid and alkaline with 7 being neutral. Water is 7 or neutral PH. Good to drink, not so good for heavy cleaning. 1-6 is acid. 1 being the strongest. Where is acid? Almost everywhere. Sodas, lemon juice, after shave, and especially vinegar. 8-14 is Alkaline. Where is alkaline? Baking soda, bleach, ammonia. Thats great Matt, but what do I care? Because the wrong type of cleaner on the wrong surface can cause expensive damage to you tile and stone floors, counter tops, and showers. Next time you clean, dont just run to the cabinet for Vinegar or Baking soda. The best bet is to buy a cleaner specific to your needs. Stone cleaner for stone (marble, granite, slate). Tile cleaner for tile and grout. Or call Ohio Grout Works ® before the damage is done. Advise - FREE. Repairs - well, that costs money.......