Stone & Slate Restoration

Generally Natural Stone like marble can usually be restored to look beautiful. Unlike man made porcelain or ceramic tiles which have factory finishes, colors and designs placed on the tile surface natural stone is the same from top to bottom. So even if the surface gets ruined it can be resurfaced and restored. The way this is done is done is just like how factories produce the various finishes you find of stone in stores. When marble is pulled out of a quarry in the ground it does not look like it does on a store shelf. The fabrication process in factories uses diamond abrasives, water and various polishing compounds which produce various types of finishes. This process can be replicated on the natural stone surface in your home or business. Professional Stone Restoration Companies use machines with diamonds to remove the surface imperfections of the stone due to wear. Then the stone can be restored to its original finish or the finish can even be changed. Finishes can range from low hone or a rustic more natural appearance a high shine polished finish. Common stones that are generally used for interiors include, marble, limestone, terracotta, travertine, granite, slate, onyx.